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Is Itachi hero or villain?

  1. Is Itachi hero or villain?
  2. Is Itachi Uchiha a good guy?
  3. Was Itachi meant to be a bad guy?
  4. Is Itachi good brother?
  5. Why did Itachi fake evil?
  6. Was Itachi a retcon?
  7. Did Kishimoto plan Tobi to obito?
  8. Who is the most evil Uchiha?
  9. What was Kakashis relationship with Itachi?
  10. Why is Itachi good?
  11. Who is more evil Itachi or Sasuke?

Is Itachi hero or villain?

Itachi Uchiha had always been a hero, but no one really knew about him and his past. It was only after Itachi's death that his past was revealed by Obito. Itachi carried the burden of murdering his clan including his parents. He had to leave the village and then he joined Akatsuki.

Is Itachi Uchiha a good guy?

He is a very good person. He killed his clan because they were planning a coup and would cause a lot of deaths. He saved his brother though. Later he let himself be killed by his brother to transfer the power.

Was Itachi meant to be a bad guy?

No he did not. Itachi was ment to be villain, was made hero later. Confirmed by the creator himself. Early in Naruto, it did seem like Itachi was focused on torturing Sasuke.

Is Itachi good brother?

However, when Itachi was introduced, Kishimoto had the idea to make Itachi Konoha's secret agent who killed his clan under their orders. After Itachi's death, the two actors noted that in the end Itachi served as a good older brother to Sasuke.

Why did Itachi fake evil?

He was doing all that evil stuff just to show Sasuke that he was evil and wanted harm of him. It was all because he wanted to make Sasuke strong by instilling revenge on him. And Itachi went rogue on his own.

Was Itachi a retcon?

After seeing all the answers and opinions concerning Itachi on Quora and based on what I've read from the manga, I'd say yes it was a retcon.

Did Kishimoto plan Tobi to obito?

Obito in his Tobi persona was Kishimoto's favorite Akatsuki character to draw, because of his simple mask. When the real Madara Uchiha appeared in the manga, Kishimoto refrained from stating Tobi's true identity but said that both characters were related and he would be revealed in the next few chapters.

Who is the most evil Uchiha?

4 Obito Uchiha Pushed The World Into Chaos With His Actions He became one of the biggest villains in the story and manipulated numerous people such as Nagato Uzumaki and even the Fourth Mizukage. Obito killed innumerable people just to see a world of dreams come to fruition.

What was Kakashis relationship with Itachi?

While Itachi was not overly friendly with the Hatake prodigy, the Uchiha did respect Kakashi. They had a tentatively symbiotic pairing between them, but it all fell apart when Itachi stopped fearing Kakashi and viewed him as an obstacle to clear.

Why is Itachi good?

Itachi was said to have the wisdom of a Kage at the age of seven, which is staggering. By the age of 8, he had decent control over his Sharingan and was strong enough to take on even adults in battle. Above all, Itachi's knowledge knew no bounds and he was, undoubtedly, one of the wisest characters in the story.

Who is more evil Itachi or Sasuke?

Sasuke obviously, a character who lives just for revenge is evil, he wants this revenge of his brother, then Konoha and all the people who betrayed Itachi, then he wants to kill Naruto, then he wants to become a dictator and kill all person who poses a danger to him, obviously Sasuke is far evil than Itachi.

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