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Can you go Super Saiyan in ultra instinct?

  1. Can you go Super Saiyan in ultra instinct?
  2. Can Goku go ssj2 blue?

Can you go Super Saiyan in ultra instinct?

Look Ultra Instinct is the league of Hakaishin and transcends beyond SSJ. And it is not possible to stack Super Saiyan while Ultra Instinct because Ultra Instinct is calm state and stacking Super Saiyan contains rage. So Goku can't stack SSJ with UI.

Can Goku go ssj2 blue?

Yes he could, but for Super Saiyan 3, it would be extremely difficult to maintain. Remember, Super Saiyan 3 drains Goku's stamina. And Super Saiyan blue also drains Goku's stamina.

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