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Is Toguro the strongest demon?

  1. Is Toguro the strongest demon?
  2. Who is stronger Yusuke or Sensui?
  3. How strong is Sensui?
  4. Can Kuwabara defeat Toguro?
  5. What demon rank is Sensui?
  6. Is Yusuke stronger than Toguro?
  7. What race is Botan?
  8. Why is Kuwabara so strong?
  9. Why is Sensui evil?
  10. Can Hiei beat Toguro?
  11. What class is Sensui?
  12. Is Botan a lion?
  13. What are Botan fans called?
  14. Are Sensui and Itsuki lovers?
  15. What did Sensui see?
  16. Who beat Toguro?
  17. Why can't Botan drink alcohol?
  18. Who is taguro?
  19. Who Killed younger Toguro?
  20. What are Hololive fans called?
  21. Can Sensui destroy a planet?

Is Toguro the strongest demon?

This is in most cases the strongest class of demon that can be found in Human World, as any higher class can't pass through the Keikai barrier net between the human and demon worlds. According to Koenma, Younger Toguro was an upper B-Class demon when he fought Yusuke at the Dark Tournament.

Who is stronger Yusuke or Sensui?

Most importantly, Sensui was more than capable of fending off Yusuke in his reincarnated Mazoku form, which was already at an S-Class level. It took Raizen possessing Yusuke's body to finally defeat Sensui.

How strong is Sensui?

Sensui was a very powerful human, noted himself to have more than ten times the spiritual energy than Yusuke in their fight.

Can Kuwabara defeat Toguro?

Kuwabara is also able to make the blade change shape as well, turning it into what he calls the Spirit Flyswatter (巨大霊気棒, Kyodai Reikibō, translated as Giant Spirit Energy Staff), which he used to pummel and defeat Elder Toguro, who could not be killed because he could shift his vital organs around his body, in the

What demon rank is Sensui?

S-ClassA single Lower S-Class Demon is strong enough to defeat 3 Upper A-Classes Demons by themselves with relatively little effort. Sensui's full power was said to be at this level, as was Yusuke's when he came back to life as a demon. Kurama and Hiei had also reached S-Class during the Three Kings saga.

Is Yusuke stronger than Toguro?

In terms of power, Yusuke I would say is planet buster. When he fought Toguro in the Dark Tournament, Toguro´s thumb flicks were as stronger as normal punches, and his spirit gun, which at that point looked like a fricking comet when Yusuke shot it, was easily stopped by Toguro.

What race is Botan?

JapaneseShe is a shinigami - a Japanese spirit of death. In the manga, it is said that Botan's favorite holiday is Christmas.

Why is Kuwabara so strong?

1 He's The Most Powerful Human In Existence Yusuke, being dead (and later Mazoku), does not count as a human anymore, and Kurama and Hiei are obviously demons. This makes Kuwabara the most powerful human alive, assuming that Genkai has passed on by this time.

Why is Sensui evil?

Sensui is also one of the first villains in an anime to completely flip the morality of the show, allowing the viewer to decide for themselves who is actually in the right. Sensui's experience as a Spirit Detective and eventual mental breakdown lead him to fight for the demons, instead of against them.

Can Hiei beat Toguro?

In Episode 53 Hiei compares the impact of his punch to a crater left by Toguro and it pales in size. In fact Hiei's crater could fit within the impact left by Toguro 2–3 times. Hakusho is an anime that establishes only the Hero (Yusuke) can beat the big bad.

What class is Sensui?

CHARACTERSPIRIT CLASSDefense Armor SensuiClass SOffense Armor SensuiClass S-HieiClass B*KuramaClass B*

Is Botan a lion?

Profile. Contrary to her sporty appearance, she's a white lion who prefers lazing around. Despite her typically hands-off attitude, once she has made up her mind she will always follow through to the end. Her favorite phrase is "Wealth isn't measured with money."

What are Botan fans called?

Shishiro BotanLive2D ModelingMain: 入江燈3D ModelingYatsurugiMember ofhololive 5th GenFan Nameぼ担 (Bo-dan)

Are Sensui and Itsuki lovers?

Personality. Itsuki is renowned for his unwavering love and loyalty to Sensui, which budded from a morbid fascination with the young man's ruthless methods of eradicating demons and his immaculate moral character.

What did Sensui see?

One unfortunately fateful night, Sensui crashed the Feast of Human Vices and witnessed the Black Black Club torturing demons for their own amusement. Seeing the way that human beings treated demons in this way crushed his entire self perception.

Who beat Toguro?

YusukeWith his Spirit Energy released, Yusuke was easily able to overpower Toguro by unleashing a flurry of punches, only halting his barrage upon noticing Toguro's lack of a reaction towards his attacks. Toguro at "100%" (85% in the English dub).

Why can't Botan drink alcohol?

She cannot drink alcohol for health reasons, and unlike Lamy, Botan can't eat spicy food. Botan enjoys video games, with first-person shooters (FPS) among her favorite genres.

Who is taguro?

Younger Toguro (戸愚呂弟, Toguro-otōto?), more commonly known as Toguro, is a major antagonist of Yu Yu Hakusho, He served as the final antagonist of the Spirit Detective Saga, and the main antagonist of the Dark Tournament Saga.

Who Killed younger Toguro?

Younger Toguro's role came at its height when he fought a very lengthy battle against Yusuke Urameshi. Younger Toguro started the match at 80% of his power, in which the two fought evenly until Yusuke was able shoot Toguro out of the arena using his Spirit Gun.

What are Hololive fans called?

Can you name the Hololive Fan Names?HintAnswer% CorrectAyameNakirigumi23.8%AkiSquad Rose23.6%AZKiPioneer22.1%NoelOrder of Shirogane22.1%

Can Sensui destroy a planet?

S-Class beings even the lowest one's strength are stated to be so powerful they could completely devastate the entire planet which was confirmed by Sensui! Genkai even stated if Yusuke wanted, he could obliterate the entire world, and she can't stop him because his destruction is greater than everyone else.

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