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Who dies at the end of regular show?

  1. Who dies at the end of regular show?
  2. What happened to Antipops?
  3. Who did Mordecai marry?

Who dies at the end of regular show?

Mordecai - Decapitated by the Halloween Wizard. Rigby - Drowned in egg yolk by the Halloween Wizard. Cool Court Prosecutor - Killed in an explosion. Five Unicorns - Blown up by Mordecai and Rigby.

What happened to Antipops?

Fate. He was defeated from Pops' hug and died from burning in the sun, along with Pops, thus, he is now in the afterlife.

Who did Mordecai marry?

Stef is a one-time character who made her debut at the end of Season Eight during the series finale episode "A Regular Epic Final Battle". She is Mordecai's wife and the mother of their children (two sons and one daughter).

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Why Shanks gives Luffy his hat?

Luffy yells to Shanks that he will become a great pirate, even more so the Pirate King. After Luffy makes this statement Shanks gives him the straw hat and tells him to return it after he becomes a great pirate. The idea behind this gift is so that Luffy will put all of his effort to becoming a great pirate.

Does Sakura have feelings for Naruto?

To be honest, Sakura did have feelings for Naruto. However it only developed during shippuden. Mashashi kishimoto hints on it when Naruto had finished his fight with orochimaru and was unconscious. Sakura was with captain yamoto and he had told her that he had noticed her slight feelings for her.

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