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Does Sasuke ever turn good again?

  1. Does Sasuke ever turn good again?
  2. What episode is Sasuke good again?
  3. Does Naruto ever get Sasuke back?

Does Sasuke ever turn good again?

What Made Sasuke Good Again? Sasuke becomes good again because Naruto never gave up on him. Naruto kept insisting he could get through, convincing him to break the cycle of hatred. After the pair fought their final battle, he accepted Naruto's ninja way of helping each other's pain.

What episode is Sasuke good again?

However, if you just want a straightforward, simple answer, it's 478–479. Episode 477, after his last hot blooded battle against his eternal rival Uzumaki Naruto.

Does Naruto ever get Sasuke back?

Sasuke doesn't return to the Leaf Village until Naruto Shippuden episode 478 after the battle between himself and Naruto concludes to end the series. At its conclusion, Sasuke finds some common ground with Naruto, accepting his ninja way and deciding to finally return to the Leaf Village.

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