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What is Tonks real name?

  1. What is Tonks real name?
  2. Did Tonks change her name?
  3. Why does Tonks hate the name nymphadora?
  4. Is Tonks a girl or boy?
  5. Is Tonks a pureblood?
  6. How is Draco related to Tonks?
  7. Is Tonks Malfoy's cousin?

What is Tonks real name?

Natalia Gastiain TenaNatalia TenaBornNatalia Gastiain Tena 1 November 1984 London, EnglandOccupationActress, musicianYears active2002–presentKnown forNymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter franchise Osha in Game of Thrones

Did Tonks change her name?

*Tonks is never shown to have changed her name after marrying Lupin.

Why does Tonks hate the name nymphadora?

Originally Answered: Why does Nymphadora Tonks not like being called by her first name? Because to British ears it's an awkward and silly-sounding name which sounds like it might belong to a Victorian stripper.

Is Tonks a girl or boy?

Nymphadora TonksBiographical informationSpeciesHuman (Metamorphmagus)GenderFemaleHeight5'5

Is Tonks a pureblood?

Her mother is a pureblood, and her father is a muggle born, therefore considering that the majority of her father's family are muggles she is considered a half-blood, even though he is not a muggle himself. Tonks is a metamorphmagus, which means that she can change her appearance at will.

How is Draco related to Tonks?

The Malfoys are related to the Black family through Narcissa (a first cousin of Sirius Black, Harry's godfather), which makes Draco a nephew of both Bellatrix Lestrange and Andromeda Tonks. Draco is also Nymphadora Tonks' first cousin through their mothers.

Is Tonks Malfoy's cousin?

Tonks was the surname of a family that was originally Muggle. The Tonks family were related to the Lupin, Black, Malfoy, and Lestrange families. They were distantly related to the Potter, Weasley, Peverell, Prewett, Crabbe, Riddle, Slytherin, Crouch, and Gaunt families.

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