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What's a vCard sexually?

  1. What's a vCard sexually?
  2. Is a vCard virginity?
  3. What does vCard mean in text?
  4. How do I use a vCard?

What's a vCard sexually?

A virgin is someone who's never had sex — but it's not quite as simple as it seems. But they probably don't see themselves as lifelong virgins just because they haven't had penis-in-vagina sex. Many people believe rape and sexual assault aren't sex — it's only sex if both partners have consent.

Is a vCard virginity?

In certain uses, "v card" basically refers to "virginity." According to Urban Dictionary: "Term used to define one's virginity. All virgins have a 'v card' until they 'cash it in' for sex."

What does vCard mean in text?

On online dating sites, such as Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk and Match.com, as well as in text messages and on chat forums, VCARD often means "Virgin Card." (Anyone who is a virgin may be referred to as "carrying a VCARD." )

How do I use a vCard?

Attach a vCard to an email messageIn Contacts, do one of the following: In any card view, drag the contact card and drop it into the body of an open message. (The card views are Business Cards, Address Cards, and Detailed Address Cards.) Complete the message and send.

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