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Are Renesmee and Jacob lovers?

  1. Are Renesmee and Jacob lovers?
  2. Does Jacob age with Renesmee?
  3. Are they making a movie about Jacob and Renesmee?
  4. What does imprinted mean in Twilight?

Are Renesmee and Jacob lovers?

Fans know, in the end, Jacob and Renesmee do live happily ever after together, along with Edward and Bella. Shoutout to Alice's future-telling skills! She gave viewers a glimpse of the future at the end of Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Does Jacob age with Renesmee?

From what I remember of the series, I believe that Renesmee will reach 7-years-old and have the body and mind of a 15-year-old. While she remains in Forks, Jacob will not age, as werewolves stop ageing when vampires appear, and resume ageing when they leave (hence Jacob's father).

Are they making a movie about Jacob and Renesmee?

No release date for a Night and Day Jacob and Renesmee movie has been confirmed because it hasn't been officially greenlit by studios.

What does imprinted mean in Twilight?

Jacob's imprinting. It's not like love at first sight, really. Imprinting is the involuntary mechanism by which Quileute shape-shifters find their soulmates. It is a profound, intimate phenomenon that exists among the Quileute shape-shifters.

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