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Does Shipt charge a service fee?

  1. Does Shipt charge a service fee?
  2. Which costs more Instacart or Shipt?
  3. Why does Shipt charge more than total?
  4. Do you tip Shipt?

Does Shipt charge a service fee?

Shipt Passes are $10 per order, and Instacart applies a $3.99 delivery fee and 5% service fee to each order. Both offer membership programs with reduced fees. Prices may be higher than in-store, and tipping is customary.

Which costs more Instacart or Shipt?

That means that some stores set higher prices for items purchased through Instacart than in-store, while others don't mark things up. Even if you do have a membership, if your order is under $35, Shipt will charge a $7 delivery fee on top of your membership costs, and that makes Instacart the cheaper option.

Why does Shipt charge more than total?

The two charges that tend to appear on your account are the pre-authorization hold and the remaining balance charge. When you place an order through Shipt, your card will be temporarily authorized for the requested order total plus a little bit extra, in case you need to make any changes or add items to your order.

Do you tip Shipt?

Tips are not required but are greatly appreciated. Show your shopper some love and appreciation by tipping any amount of your choice! You may tip in cash or within the app after you receive your delivery and 100% of your tip will go to the shopper.

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