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Why does Sasuke's Chidori turn purple?

  1. Why does Sasuke's Chidori turn purple?
  2. What color is Sasuke's Chidori?
  3. What is Sasuke's purple?

Why does Sasuke's Chidori turn purple?

The sharingan removed that since the sharingan can see way faster than the normal eye. After the war he decided to create this jutsu that uses purple lightning. This jutsu is so powerful that he could use it only once a day unlike raikiri that he could use a lot, he also created a storm when he used it.

What color is Sasuke's Chidori?

However, in Jump Super Stars, despite using the Cursed Seal Chidori in his State 2 form for his Battle 7 Koma, Sasuke's Chidori is coloured purple akin to the State 1 version instead of dark-white.

What is Sasuke's purple?

Both its Infinite Tsukyuomi and Yomotsu Hirasaka are passed down as weaker Sharingan jutsu of Tsukuyomi and Kamui. By analysing the trends of the said examples, we can deduce that the colour purple signifies Six Paths (Rinnegan) abilities, and Tomoe signifies Sharingan abilities. Sasuke is capable of both.

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