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Does Stan ever kiss Wendy?

  1. Does Stan ever kiss Wendy?
  2. What episode did Wendy and Stan kiss?
  3. Does Wendy and Stan get together?

Does Stan ever kiss Wendy?

Wendy has kissed Stan in the South Park movie, almost french-kissed him in one episode and held his hand in a movie theater while an inappropriate scene was playing. The show's creators once (possibly jokingly) said that the two had sex at some point.

What episode did Wendy and Stan kiss?

City on the Edge of ForeverStan Marsh. Wendy and Stan, kissing in "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)". For the first seven seasons of the series, Wendy's most notable feature was her relationship with Stan Marsh.

Does Wendy and Stan get together?

Wendy is Stan Marsh's on-and-off girlfriend, and is also the most outspoken of the 4th grade girls. She and Stan split for a couple years, putting him into a brief depression, before getting back together after they exposed the conspiracy to alter the Cutest Boys' List.

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Who was Wendys girl?

Melinda Lou "Wendy" Thomas-Morse (born September 14, 1961) is the daughter and fourth child of American businessman Dave Thomas, the founder of the fast food brand Wendy's. Morse is best known for being the namesake and mascot of the brand. She uses the name Wendy Thomas in her role as a spokesperson for Wendy's.

What happens if I help Hjalmar?

Helping Hjalmar will also net you a total of 900 experience points. You'll also receive the crossbow titled Death From Above regardless of who you help. Whoever you decide to help will go on to become the next ruler of Skellige. This quest will end and the next will begin, called Coronation.

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