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What are supreme grade swords?

  1. What are supreme grade swords?
  2. Who has supreme grade sword?
  3. What is the strongest grade sword?
  4. Is Shusui stronger than Enma?
  5. Will Zoro get yoru?
  6. Can Mihawk cut diamond?

What are supreme grade swords?

The twelve Supreme Grade Swords (最上大業物, Saijō Ō Wazamono?) are the twelve highest-quality blades in the world.

Who has supreme grade sword?

One Piece: Every Character Who Wields A Supreme Grade Weapon5 Dracule Mihawk, Wielder Of Yoru.4 Whitebeard, The Wielder Of Murakumogiri.3 One Of The Gorosei, Wielder Of The Shodai Kitetsu.2 Gol D. Roger, The Wielder Of Ace.1 Shanks, The Wielder Of Gryphon (Likely)8 Dec 2021

What is the strongest grade sword?

Saijo O WazamonoNamed Swords have different grades, with Saijo O Wazamono being the highest, and Wazamono the lowest.

Is Shusui stronger than Enma?

Enma is a ō wazomono blade like shusui but shusui is already a black blade which was turned by Ryuma so it could have reached it's potential while Enma is still a normal blade and if Marimo turns it into a black blade, It will become a Saijo ō Wazomono (12 supreme blades) hence becoming stronger.

Will Zoro get yoru?

9 Will Never Wield: Yoru Yoru, being Mihawk's blade, will obviously not fall in Zoro's hands. Furthermore, Zoro practices the Three-Sword Style which Yoru simply isn't made for.

Can Mihawk cut diamond?

Mihawk we know from what he says before the strike is trying to cut Whitebeard (flesh or you could argue "vibrations" doesn't matter in either case) and thus didn't intend to cut diamond, and thus didn't cut diamond.

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