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How old is Gohan in each saga?

  1. How old is Gohan in each saga?
  2. Is Teen Gohan a teen?
  3. How old is Gohan in high school?
  4. Will Gohan have another child?
  5. Why did Gohan get weaker?

How old is Gohan in each saga?

As he was 10 when he went into the hyperbolic time chamber to train and one year in there is only one day outside the chamber. So physically he was 11 but by birth he was about 10. And 7 years between the cell saga and the buu saga puts him at about 17 by birth and 18 physically.

Is Teen Gohan a teen?

Gohan (Teen) is the first-born son of Goku and Chi Chi. This version of Gohan is from the Cell saga, where he was to take his father's place as Cell's opponent during the bio-android's Cell Games.

How old is Gohan in high school?

Orange Star High School (オレンジスターハイスクール, Orenji Sutā Hai Sukūru), also called Herculopolis High in the English dub, is a high school located in Satan City in which Gohan went to when he turned 17 (he is physically 18 due to training in Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and so placed with others technically born a year before,

Will Gohan have another child?

9 Gohan Has Another Child Goku remains the focus throughout the rest of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, but in the later chapters he goes on to have another son, Goten.

Why did Gohan get weaker?

Gohan is weak because he stopped training. He put his focus into book learning rather than martial arts. As a result, he lost his high power level and his ability to easily transform into Super Saiyan and his ultimate form. Gohan lacks Will of Warrior.

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