When face masks rightfully became an essential item this summer, we knew it would only be a matter of time before all of the stylistic variations came out of the woodwork. Give the world of fashion any room for maneuver and it will reference, outright copy, twist, and shape a design in any which way possible — we love that. Over the past few months, we’ve seen face mask designs that run the gamut, from classic medical iterations to high-tech sports designs and shameless designer drops. If none of those designs fit the bill for you, there’s also a whole host of face coverings that don’t look like masks at all.

Of course, you may have to supplement these face coverings with something more protective, but these face mask alternatives could be the stylish pop that your COVID-era outfit needs to go to the next level. From classic bandanas by the likes of TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The Soloist. and Off-White™ to full balaclavas by ASICS and Acne Studios, there is no excuse left for you to not wear a face mask (and there never was.)

Collina Strada presents what’s probably the prettiest face mask around. This covering features a bright, rich orange color palette complete with abstract sketches and an unforgettable, oversized bow closure to each side.

Acne Studios takes on the task of the classic bandana, opting for an intricate paisley pattern backed by pale pink. Bandanas are notoriously difficult to tie, but this iteration bypasses any slippage with two designated tie fastenings.

Off-White™ puts its own signature spin on the bandana by implanting its coveted arrows logo firmly across the design framed by paisley.

A balaclava will never not be menacing, but there’s also something attractively sleek about this version from ASICS. Cut from lightweight fleece, the face and head covering is super warm for those fall evenings.

Raf Simons’ Hand-Knit Balaclava is certainly a style statement, but please wear a mask underneath it. It may be warm, but the large holes will do very little in the way of protection.

Acne Studios updates the balaclava while retaining an alpine motif in white. With split to either side, this balaclavas falls to rest of the chest and shoulders, making it toasty warm when the winds pick up.

TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The Soloist. manages to subtly embed Mickey Mouse illustrations into this bandana’s black-and-white paisley to give the style a playful and intriguing edge.

Satisfy is the Paris-based running brand that’s on our mind a lot at the moment. It’s thanks to designs like this cloudy gray bandana. Perfect for working out or everyday life, it’s a stylish and functional addition to your ensemble.

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