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Who is the strongest of the 5 Kages?

  1. Who is the strongest of the 5 Kages?
  2. Which Kage is the best?
  3. How strong is the 4th raikage?
  4. Can raikage beat pain?
  5. Can Minato beat Raikage?

Who is the strongest of the 5 Kages?

Naruto: 10 Strongest Kage In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Ranked1 Hashirama Senju. Undoubtedly, the strongest known Kage on the battlefield during the Fourth Great Ninja War was Hashirama.2 Minato Namikaze. 3 Hiruzen Sarutobi. 4 Tobirama Senju. 5 Mu. 6 Gengetsu Hozuki. 7 Onoki. 8 Fourth Raikage.

Which Kage is the best?

Naruto: 5 Best Kage (& 5 Best Things They Did)3 Best Thing He Did: Created The Academy.4 Best Kage: Tobirama Senju. 5 Best Thing He Did: Created Konohagakure. 6 Best Kage: Hashirama Senju. 7 Best Thing He Did: Saved Sunagakure. 8 Best Kage: Gaara. 9 Best Thing He Did: Saved The Shinobi Alliance. 10 Best Kage: Onoki.

How strong is the 4th raikage?

Rasa is pretty strong. He is the fastest shinobi after the 4th Hokage. He has also got one of the best armours due to his lightning chakra mode and some devastating techniques. He was able to stun Sasuke in his susanoo form and dodge a point blank Blast from juugo.

Can raikage beat pain?

NO. although pain might not be as fast as the raikage, he can react to his attacks by activating his special abilities like the shinra tensei instantly , like sasuke did with the raikage, sasuke could match the raikage speed, he couldn't even see him moving but he managed to block his attack using amaterasu .

Can Minato beat Raikage?

Minato has no way to actually harm the Raikage. Raikage walked through FRS which was a more powerful and developed form of rasengan. he walked through bijudama and dueled the eight tails to a draw.

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