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What is Stampy's most viewed video?

  1. What is Stampy's most viewed video?
  2. Where is Stampy now?
  3. When did stampy start dating Sqaishey?

What is Stampy's most viewed video?

Stampy's Most Viewed Videos (Top 10 per channel)Sinking Feeling - 60M+ views.Ocean Adventure - 50M+ Views.Massive Cruise Ship - 47M+ Views.Pumpkin Party - 36M+ Views.Stampy - Youtube Channel Trailer - 2013 - 36M+ Views.The Final Contestant - Part 4 - 35M+ Views.

Where is Stampy now?

Garrett went to Southampton Solent University and lives in Hampshire in the UK. Garrett posing for a newspaper picture and his character, Stampy. Garrett has a Degree in Film. His father's name was unknown, but somewhat nicknamed himself as Stampy Dad.

When did stampy start dating Sqaishey?

In real life, Sqaishey is in a relationship with Stampy which started not long after the Sky Den series began, and on 28th July 2018, they announced that they are finally engaged. They eventually got married on the exact day the following year.

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