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How did Yondu break the Ravager code?

  1. How did Yondu break the Ravager code?
  2. Is Thanos a Ravager?
  3. Why did Thanos join the Ravagers?

How did Yondu break the Ravager code?

In the movie, Yondu broke the Ravasher's code regarding children. Ravangers are forbidden to deal with sale/trade/transport of children so when he began shuttling children to Ego he broke the code especially once he knew what Ego was doing to them. he trafficked in children… for star lords dad.

Is Thanos a Ravager?

Thanos is a member of the Ravagers, the adoptive father of Nebula, and former kingpin in the intergalactic underworld. Thanos and his Ravager team later went on a mission to steal the Embers of Genesis from the Collector, which would result in a Ravager victory.

Why did Thanos join the Ravagers?

Originally, Thanos was much like his original counterpart and wanted to wipe out half the universe. However with persuasion from T'Challa, Thanos gave up on this plan of his and joined the Ravagers.

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