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Are BTS intelligent?

  1. Are BTS intelligent?
  2. Is Taehyung genius?
  3. What is BTS v talents?
  4. Who is the cleverest in BTS?
  5. What is V's hidden talent?
  6. Who is good boy in BTS?

Are BTS intelligent?

Actually all the members are very intelligent. Most would have completed their College Degree's, including obtaining their higher higher Degree's before now but for their hectic schedule.

Is Taehyung genius?

Much like the other members of BTS, V is profoundly gifted and filled with a deep intellect. Whether it be through photography, writing, music, or even playing games, there are plenty of times V has proven to have an exceptional mind. There seems to be more than meets the eye when it comes to him.

What is BTS v talents?

He is an exceptional singer, great actor and one of the most kind-hearted people in the group. He has a sensitive nature and does his best to be a better member. His deep voice and sharp looks act as a complete contrast to his soft heart and caring attitude.

Who is the cleverest in BTS?

7 Times BTS's RM Proved His 148 IQ.

What is V's hidden talent?

1. He has the ability to move his ears at will. Few people have the unique and adorable ability to move their ears and V is one of them! The cutest thing of all is that sometimes he does it without even realizing it.

Who is good boy in BTS?

VWhy is V's nickname 'good boy? ' He's a singer and a dancer but V earned this nickname, and since refers to himself as “Good Boy,” because of his love for the BTS ARMY. Of course, some fans disagree with this nickname, because sometimes he's dark and mysterious.

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The expression was popularized by the cartoon character Snagglepuss - a regular on the Yogi Bear Show in the 1960s. If appearance is anything to go by, Snagglepuss was the template for the later Pink Panther. The character had two catchphrases - "Exit, stage left" and "Heavens to Murgatroyd".

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