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What did they do with Shirazu's body?

  1. What did they do with Shirazu's body?
  2. What is wrong with Shirazus sister?
  3. How does Shirazu die?
  4. What happened to Tsukiyama?
  5. Why did Tsukiyama go crazy?
  6. What is the Tsukiyama family secret?
  7. Who is the good guy in Tokyo Ghoul?
  8. Are Kanae and Tsukiyama related?
  9. Is Kanae a male?

What did they do with Shirazu's body?

After his final request, Shirazu finally succumbed to his injuries and died. After the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation, Shirazu's body was transferred into a vehicle that was later attacked by Aogiri Tree who were tipped off by Nimura Furuta of the vehicle's location.

What is wrong with Shirazus sister?

Haru Shirazu (不知 ハル, Shirazu Haru) is the younger sister of the deceased Ghoul Investigator and Quinx Squad Leader Ginshi Shirazu. She suffers from a condition known as Rc cell over-secretion disease which causes her to be hospitalized as a result.

How does Shirazu die?

The man's final moments were panicked as he went blind, prompting Shirazu to hold onto Urie as he said he didn't want to die alone. Despite his team's cries, Shirazu passed quietly from his wounds, a fact that traumatized the Quinx Squad. Sadly, Sasaki was not around to see Shirazu pass as he was busy fighting Eto.

What happened to Tsukiyama?

In Tokyo Ghoul:re, he is still grieving for Kaneki two years later. This has resulted in a complete withdrawal from the world, falling into a deep depression and losing all interest in food. His lengthy starvation leaves him in terrible condition, with his caretakers fearing he will die if nothing is done.

Why did Tsukiyama go crazy?

Chie states the cause of his terrible condition was the "death" of Kaneki, and that evidence of his survival will bring Tsukiyama back to his senses. As such, it is clear that Kaneki is someone that he came to value more than his own well-being and that he was unable to move on after the loss.

What is the Tsukiyama family secret?

While they had no humans working in their household, the Tsukiyama family had lived secretly among them and learned how to co-exist without the risk of exposure. Over the years, the family had also picked up the traditions and lifestyle of humans to use as a disguise.

Who is the good guy in Tokyo Ghoul?

Quzin Yoshimura, (better known as Yoshimura) is a supporting character in the anime and manga series, Tokyo Ghoul. Yoshimura himself is a ghoul and the manager of the Anteiku cafe.

Are Kanae and Tsukiyama related?

Kanae was an attractive, androgynous youth who bore a great physical resemblance to her cousin Tsukiyama as well as her mother Emma.

Is Kanae a male?

She is a girl, Kanae von Rosewald was born as a female named Karren von Rosewald. All I know is she took on a male identity after her family was murdered and moved in with her distant relatives, the Tsukiyama family.

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