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How does Sarada have Karin's DNA?

  1. How does Sarada have Karin's DNA?
  2. Why did they have Karin's umbilical cord?

How does Sarada have Karin's DNA?

In the manga it shows that Suigetsu had swapped out the DNA samples that were tested when the question of who Sarada's mother was when asked. Although he did it without knowing, Sakura is Sarada's real mother. Karin was the one who delivered Sarada, so it's impossible that Karin is Sarada's biological mother.

Why did they have Karin's umbilical cord?

Karin kept the umbilical cord as a memento of her help during Sarada's birth. Canonically being the one who offered assistance to Sakura while Sakura was in labor and the one who contributed to Sarada's delivery, Karin was very helpful to the Uchiha family back then.

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