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Is Dr Wells bad in The Flash?

  1. Is Dr Wells bad in The Flash?
  2. What happened to Wells The Flash?
  3. Why is Carlos leaving The Flash?
  4. What happened to Iris West Allen?

Is Dr Wells bad in The Flash?

He described Harry Wells of Earth-2, introduced in season two, as someone who "seems bad but he's good", the opposite of Thawne. Grant Gustin, who portrays Barry Allen, described Harry as a "douchebag". Cavanagh said, though he was not written that way, it was his idea to portray the character as egotistical.

What happened to Wells The Flash?

In the wake of the season premiere, showrunner Eric Wallace chatted with Entertainment Weekly about the fallout fans should expect now that Nash Wells is gone, having sacrificed his life to be absorbed into the new Artificial Speed Force device to give The Flash back his super speed.

Why is Carlos leaving The Flash?

Carlos Valdes decided to leave 'The Flash' to focus more on his own personal development. Carlos actually began thinking about leaving The Flash a few years ago. And it makes sense — his character has done everything!

What happened to Iris West Allen?

To make matters worse, Iris was missing from The Flash episode focusing on her possible pregnancy. This was systematic of the treatment of all of Team Citizen's membership, with all of the women working at the Central City Citizen being completely defined by their relationships to male characters.

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