A Supreme box logo shirt sold for $52,000 at auction this week. The shirt was a 1-of-1, friends and family sample, believed to be from either 2006 or 2007. It features a white base with a colorful tie-dye pattern and a red Supreme box logo on the chest.

The shirt was up for sale via auction on Hyp_ and was apparently bought by renowned Supreme collector @SupGrails. Other bids were placed by the likes of Lil Keed (who apparently bid $30,000) and @CharlieShuffler.

With other streetwear items, such as game-worn Air Jordans and other memorabilia fetching insane prices on the resell and auction market, it hardly comes as a surprise that a Supreme item this rare would fetch over $50k.

At the end of the day though, surprising or not, that’s a sick sum to pay for what is essentially a tie-dyed BoGo. But hey, if the money’s burning a hole in your pocket there’s probably worse things to spend your money on.

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