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What happened to Shikaku?

  1. What happened to Shikaku?
  2. How did Shikamaru father died?
  3. What did Shikaku tell Shikamaru before he died?

What happened to Shikaku?

Shikaku Nara died together with his friend Inoichi Yamanaka and several other shinobi (e.g. Ao ) when the Ten-Tails - under Madara's and Obito's commands - destroyed the Allied Shinobi Forces' Headquarters with its Tailed Beast Ball. He was killed by the Bijuu dama thrown by Ten tails to Hq, during the war.

How did Shikamaru father died?

Boruto's new episode checked in on Ino and Shikamaru was the pair began mourning the loss of their fathers. The two were killed during the war after the Ten-Tails targeted HQ to send the soldiers into a panic. Inoichi was able to send some last words to his daughter before helping Shikaku reach Shikamaru.

What did Shikaku tell Shikamaru before he died?

Before Shikaku was killed, he told Shikamaru to get rid of a "certain something" in the wooden box on the left-hand shelf of his closet without letting his mother find out.

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