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Can Savitar defeat Zoom?

  1. Can Savitar defeat Zoom?
  2. Who is faster Zoom or Godspeed CW?
  3. Is Savitar faster than black flash?
  4. Is Zoom a speedster?

Can Savitar defeat Zoom?

Yes, Savitar is faster than Zoom or Reverse Flash, as he has the ability to take speed force from almost any object. So he can in reality take the speed force from any speedster(except Wally West) and be faster than any of them. In the end it did take a coalition from almost all the speedsters to bring Savitar down.

Who is faster Zoom or Godspeed CW?

Most people consider Godspeed one of the fastest speedsters in the DC Universe. Unfortunately, Flash and Wally captured him. So, physically Godspeed is faster than Zoom. However, Zoom can outrun him by changing time.

Is Savitar faster than black flash?

While Savitar is so fast he can't be seen by non-speedsters. Savitar was so fast he had to be contained inside a huge suit so he didn't die. Black Flash can be seen by regular people, and he isn't massively faster than the Time Wraiths themselves, which even Barry is faster than.

Is Zoom a speedster?

Hunter Zolomon was better known as Zoom, a speedster super-villain and enemy to the Flashes. Surviving alterations to the timeline, he dubbed himself The True Flash.

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