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What region of Africa is Pride Rock in?

  1. What region of Africa is Pride Rock in?
  2. Is Lion King based in Kenya?
  3. Does LION KING take place in Kenya?
  4. Why did Kion leave the Pridelands?

What region of Africa is Pride Rock in?

Pride Lands Asilia Africa's Rekero Camp—in southwest Kenya's Masai Mara, not far from the border of Tanzania and right in the middle of Great Migration country—led Chinlund to the look of the lions' stalking grounds.

Is Lion King based in Kenya?

Kenya was the main source of inspiration for The Lion King, but the film also drew on other locations. An elephant graveyard covered in tufas (protruding limestone formations) is seen in the movie, and the spectacular Mono Lake in California was used for this sequence.

Does LION KING take place in Kenya?

While The Lion King doesn't take place in a specific African country, it is possible to see most of the characters in their natural habitats in Kenya and Tanzania. In fact, you can visit Simba Rocks in the Serengeti, while Kenya's Hell's Gate National Park was the inspiration for many of the film's landscapes!

Why did Kion leave the Pridelands?

Bittersweet Ending: Scar is finally defeated and many animals in his Legion of Doom have decided to pull a Heel–Face Turn, but the outcome came at the cost of Kion receiving a scar that is affecting his mind and Ono becoming visually impaired, forcing the Lion Guard and Makini to leave the Pride Lands on a journey to

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