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How did Kion kill Scar?

  1. How did Kion kill Scar?
  2. Why did Janja turn good?
  3. Is Shenzi Janja's mom?
  4. How old is Kion and Rani?

How did Kion kill Scar?

Having defected to the Pride Lands, Janja tells Kion what Scar told him that the only way to defeat Scar is to use the most powerful roar at the caldera.

Why did Janja turn good?

Janja is shown to become kinder since his reformation, being one of the first animals along with Jasiri and Anga to show concern over Kion and Ono's injuries after defeating Scar. He has also become honest as he says Jasiri is the one that's worthy of leading the Outlands and not him.

Is Shenzi Janja's mom?

Janja ("crafty" in Swahili) is the son of Fisi and Shenzi, and the brother of Asante.

How old is Kion and Rani?

Rani is a lioness who appeared in the final nine episodes of The Lion Guard. She is the leader of the Night Pride and eventually ascends to become Queen of the Tree of Life with Kion as her King and mate....Character Information.Gender:FemaleAge:16-18 years old (in human years)

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What does HML on Snapchat mean?

hate my lifeHML is an internet acronym short for hate my life or hit my line.

What do HMK mean in text?

hit my KikHMK is an acronym that means hit my Kik. Kik is an anonymous messaging app. It may also be a combination of the words hmm and ok.

Is hmm good or bad?

Hmm.” Hmm can also signal dissatisfaction or disagreement, often as a curt, low-pitched hm: “Hm. Yeah right. Like you really mean it.” Sometimes, hmm just acts as a place-holder or fills a pause in a conversation: “It's been great talking with you. Well, hmm, guess I should be going, though.”

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