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Who is the God of Super Saiyan?

  1. Who is the God of Super Saiyan?
  2. What is Super Saiyan Ikari?
  3. Is Super Saiyan Red God?
  4. Is Ikari form ssj4?
  5. What is Broly's eye color?

Who is the God of Super Saiyan?

Yamoshi (ヤモシ, Yamoshi) is an ancient Saiyan who could transform into a Super Saiyan long before Goku could. After his death, his spirit wandered in search of six pure-hearted Saiyans, to create the ceremony that would birth the first Super Saiyan God.

What is Super Saiyan Ikari?

Super Saiyan Rage ( 超 スーパー サイヤ 人 じん 怒り, Sūpā Saiya-jin Ikari) is an extremely powerful form in the Super Saiyan line of transformations. Much like the regular Super Saiyan form, It is assumed through the power of intense rage.

Is Super Saiyan Red God?

Super Saiyan Red is also known as the Super Saiyan God form—and for good reason. The silhouette that flashes before Goku is supposedly the spirit of Yamoshi, the original Super Saiyan God. Yamoshi lived long before Goku was born, before the Saiyan race was killed off and Planet Vegeta destroyed.

Is Ikari form ssj4?

No, Broly's ikari form and ssj4 form are different. Ikari and ssj4 are have common things but their power level are different from what you are thinking. Same: Their powertank: When a user taps into ikari form or ssj4 form they get their power from Ozaru.

What is Broly's eye color?

In its initial stage, Broly appears the same as in his base form but with yellow eyes and a green, sparking aura. In the second stage, his hair spikes up like that of a Super Saiyan and he gains increased bulk and height.

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