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What happened to Sofia the firsts parents?

  1. What happened to Sofia the firsts parents?
  2. Is Sofia the First adopted?
  3. What happened to James and Amber's mom?

What happened to Sofia the firsts parents?

Background. In the village, Birk lived with Miranda and Sofia. One day, he went out to the sea, but he got lost and died.

Is Sofia the First adopted?

Sofia is a young girl who lived in a village with her mother, Miranda. She had a father, but he got lost at sea. She becomes royal after her mother's remarriage to the King.

What happened to James and Amber's mom?

Some fans have theorized that Roland's first wish in the Wishing Well had to do with his first wife's death. This theory proves to be true in the series finale, where it is revealed that Lorelei died after she gave birth to Princess Amber and Prince James.

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