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What products do Mars own?

  1. What products do Mars own?
  2. Which brands are owned by Mars?
  3. What does the Mars family own?
  4. Does Mars still use Hershey chocolate?

What products do Mars own?

As well as the flagship Mars bar, confectionery brands known across the company's major markets include Twix, Galaxy (also known as Dove), Snickers and M&Ms. The pet food labels Whiskas and Pedigree, and food brands Uncle Ben's and Seeds of Change, are among its other well-known products.

Which brands are owned by Mars?

Top 10: Brands Owned by Mars#10 Banfield®#9 Mars/Milky Way®#8 Twix®#7 Orbit®#6 Dove/Galaxy®#5 Extra®#4 Whiskas®#3 Snickers®

What does the Mars family own?

The Mars family own Mars Inc., one of the world's largest candy and pet food companies, with sales of $40 billion. Some family members work at the company and serve on the board of directors. Mars was founded in 1911 when Frank Mars started selling candy out of his kitchen in Tacoma, Washington.

Does Mars still use Hershey chocolate?

While Mars will still lag Hershey's prized top spot in the U.S. chocolate market — which totals $16 billion — analysts agree that Hershey is facing a serious challenge. Together, Hershey and Mars control better than two-thirds of the U.S. chocolate market, the world's largest.

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