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Is jiraya the son of Tobirama?

  1. Is jiraya the son of Tobirama?
  2. Who is hashirama's kid?
  3. Who is hashirama's granddaughter?

Is jiraya the son of Tobirama?

No. there is no way Jiraiya is the grandson of Tobirama, (second hokage of the leaf). You might think the he is because of the hair but is like saying that kakashi is the late grandson of Tobirama.

Who is hashirama's kid?

After Hashirama and Madara's battle ended, Mito and her husband took their children back home to the Leaf Village, along with Tobirama Senju, Toka Senju, and the remaining Anbu member of the childbirth. She and Hashirama also made their middle son, Hanaku, the first Senju Miracle Child of Konohagakure.

Who is hashirama's granddaughter?

In Naruto it us shown that Tsunade is Hashirama's granddaughter.

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