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Why is Shikamaru considered smart?

  1. Why is Shikamaru considered smart?
  2. Is Shikamaru the smartest ninja?
  3. Who is more intelligent Itachi or Shikamaru?
  4. Who is smarter Sasuke or Shikamaru?
  5. Who is smarter Minato or Shikamaru?
  6. What was Itachis IQ?
  7. What is Shisuis IQ?
  8. What is Naruto IQ?
  9. What is Sakura battle IQ?

Why is Shikamaru considered smart?

Shikamaru's father was canonically smart - his mother runs the Nara Research Lab, both parents were intelligent - so he was really born with high IQ.

Is Shikamaru the smartest ninja?

Shikamaru and Shikaku were incredibly intelligent, even more than any Hokage out there. Sakura was also incredibly smart, with an IQ that even surpasses Sasuke, but Kishimoto didn't managed to make that shine with her…

Who is more intelligent Itachi or Shikamaru?

Shikamaru is more intelligent and itachi is more wise.

Who is smarter Sasuke or Shikamaru?

Shikamaru would be considered smarter if we're talking about strategy, but Sasuke outclasses him in terms of jutsu and actual combat knowledge. It's sort of like the difference between book smarts and street smarts if that makes sense. However, that's not to say that Shikamaru doesn't also have formidable combat skill.

Who is smarter Minato or Shikamaru?

Minato has the highest score of all time on the written portion of the chunin exams. He was certainly brilliant but that only lets us know he's good at taking test. Shikamaru has shown the ability to come up with complex plans both with prep time and on the fly.

What was Itachis IQ?

That Along with his philosophy concerning the nature of shinobi, people and life, demonstrates his ability to plan and strategize as well get to the bottom of things and then transcend to new heights and recognize ( see ) the world for what it is would make me think that his IQ is anywhere from 160–200.

What is Shisuis IQ?

The only confirmed IQ in the show is Shikamaru's of over 200. We can safely assume Shisui was definitely 150+, though.

What is Naruto IQ?

However, It also gives Naruto 90 intelligence. If my extrapolation is right, he has an IQ of 90, which is slightly below average, but still within 1 standard deviation. It might be a little low for someone who's basically the president of the most powerful nation in the world…

What is Sakura battle IQ?

She is the second smartest of her generation behind only Shikamaru with an IQ of about 210. Realistically, her IQ may be 139 and Shikamaru 155 based on howw IQ effects personality and sociability.

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