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Who is Project Zorgo leader?

  1. Who is Project Zorgo leader?
  2. Who is Melvin PZ9?
  3. Is Melvin dead spy Ninjas?
  4. What is Regina's real name from the Spy Ninjas?

Who is Project Zorgo leader?

It is currently unknown when Project Zorgo was founded, but it can be assumed that it was founded by both the nameless leader of Project Zorgo and Joseph Banks, before the former of the two went mad with power and claimed the organization for himself.

Who is Melvin PZ9?

Melvin Achanzar (born: September 18, 1990 (1990-09-18) [age 31]), (formerly PZ9 the Best Fighter) and better known online as Melvin PZ9 The Best Fighter, is a Filipino-American YouTuber. He was a former member of Project Zorgo and the former secondary antagonist of the channel's story arc.

Is Melvin dead spy Ninjas?

Melvin died of a single gunshot wound to the back, according to the Sheriff's Office. He was running away from the deputy when he was shot, the video shows. The attorneys are demanding Mina make a policy change that bans shooting a fleeing suspect and makes officers “think twice” before pulling the trigger.

What is Regina's real name from the Spy Ninjas?

Regina GineraRegina Pena (born: November 19, 1998 (1998-11-19) [age 23]), better known online as Regina Ginera (formerly known as Regina - Spy Ninjas and Project Zorgo PZ4), is a Filipino-American YouTuber known for her vlogs and her collaboration with Famous YouTube Stars Chad Wild Clay,Vy Qwaint, Daniel Gizmo & Melvin PZ9 the

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