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Does Silk Touch work on end portal?

  1. Does Silk Touch work on end portal?
  2. Is there a way to move the end portal?
  3. CAN END portals be mined?
  4. Can pistons move spawners?
  5. How do you break a spawner and keep it 2021?
  6. Is there a Silk Touch 2?

Does Silk Touch work on end portal?

You can download mod and make it, but you can't use any item to break the portal frame. Adding silk touch to a shovel will allow you to get myselium.

Is there a way to move the end portal?

New Member. End Portals are normally unbreakable outside of Creative Mode. There's no legitimate way to move them.

CAN END portals be mined?

The end portal blocks, like bedrock, are indestructible in Survival or Adventure mode. It can be obtained only by accessing the creative inventory or commands.

Can pistons move spawners?

Piston interactivity Spawners cannot be pushed by pistons. They also cannot be pushed nor pulled by sticky pistons.

How do you break a spawner and keep it 2021?

You cannot break a spawner and keep it. Even in creative you cannot find spawners in the inventory. The only way to get a spawner is to use the ”give” command to give yourself one. It's rarely a good idea to break a mob spawner.

Is there a Silk Touch 2?

Silk Touch II will allow you pick up monster spawners, the dragon egg, and silverfish stone without spawning a silverfish. The silverfish stone will drop as itself and not the variant of stone it's disguised as. You can only get it by combining 2 books/tools with Silk Touch I.

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