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Can someone have sharingan and Byakugan?

  1. Can someone have sharingan and Byakugan?
  2. Can Byakugan beat Sharingan?

Can someone have sharingan and Byakugan?

Yes but, they would have ONE in each eye. For example if an Uchiha and a Hyuga were to have a child, that child would have a Sharingan in its left eye and a Byakugan in its right (this is just an example the Sharingan could be in the right eye and vice versa for the Byakugan).

Can Byakugan beat Sharingan?

No. The Sharingan is stronger than the Byakugan. In fact, in terms of Powers, Byakugan is the arguably the weakest out of all the Dojutsu. But, in terms of Visual Ability, Byakugan is the best one.

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