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Why did Leah howl when Seth died?

  1. Why did Leah howl when Seth died?
  2. Which wolves died in Twilight?
  3. Who killed Harry Clearwater?
  4. Who is sue to Billy in Twilight?

Why did Leah howl when Seth died?

In Alice's vision of the battle, Leah is shown destroying many of the Volturi guards and is horrified when she sees Seth's lifeless body on the ground. She howls in grief to alert Jacob, but continues to fight.

Which wolves died in Twilight?

It's the ultimate lean-forward moment for Twilight fans: They just killed Carlisle! And even more good guys perish in the literally head-twisting melee that follows, including teen wolf Seth (who falls to the blunt psychic force administered by Fanning's Jane) and Jackson Rathbone's Jasper.

Who killed Harry Clearwater?

Harry Clearwater is a tribal elder of the Quileute tribe, and father of Seth and Leah Clearwater. He is also a close friend of Charlie Swan's, the two of them sharing a love of fishing. Harry was happily married to Sue Clearwater until he died of a heart attack in New Moon.

Who is sue to Billy in Twilight?

Alex RiceSue is the mother of Leah Clearwater and Seth Clearwater, and a widow since the death of her husband Harry Clearwater. She is also a good friend to Billy Black and Charlie Swan. Her Life and Death counterpart is Saul Clearwater. She is portrayed by Alex Rice in the movie adaptations.

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