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Is Troy really a siren?

  1. Is Troy really a siren?
  2. Is Rhys a Siren?
  3. Is Tannis a Siren?
  4. Is Commandant Steele a Siren?
  5. Who is the bad guy in Borderlands 1?

Is Troy really a siren?

As a Siren, Troy has the characteristic wings and tattoos emblematic of Sirens in the series. However, due to the unlikely circumstances that resulted in him being a male Siren, Troy has some noteworthy differences from his contemporaries.

Is Rhys a Siren?

AU in which Rhys, who is a siren, is hired by Jack along with other Vault hunters in a pre-sequel, but Rhysie remains with Jack after the main events.

Is Tannis a Siren?

Tannis' Secret In the course of the game we learn that this entire time, Tannis has been a Siren. For being some of the most “rare creatures on earth” at this point we have a cast that is practically 50% Siren between Lilith, Maya, Angel, Amara, Ava, Tyreen, Troy and now Tannis.

Is Commandant Steele a Siren?

Commandant Steele is the leader of the Crimson Lance forces on Pandora. She is also a Siren, as hinted at by her tattoos and the demonstration of her ability to piece the Vault Key fragments together.

Who is the bad guy in Borderlands 1?

Commandant SteeleCommandant Steele is the villain of the first Borderlands game. The Siren leader of the Crimson Lance, Steele wants to acquire whatever is inside the Vault for the Atlas Corporation.

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No. Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) is 1.85m, or 6″0 in real life. In the movies, they did clever shooting angles to make Hagrid appear taller, and used smaller furniture for Coltrane and oversized furniture for Harry, Ron and Hermione for the scenes shot in Hagrid's cabin.

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