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What is the Kroc family worth?

  1. What is the Kroc family worth?
  2. Did Ray Kroc have children?
  3. How much did Joan Kroc give to NPR?
  4. What happened to Ray Kroc money?
  5. Did Ray Kroc marry Joan?
  6. Did Ray Kroc donate?
  7. How much is Ray Kroc net worth?

What is the Kroc family worth?

Ray Kroc Net WorthNet Worth:$600 MillionDate of Birth:Oct 5, 1902 - Jan 14, 1984 (81 years old)Place of Birth:Oak Park, Illinois, U.S.Profession:Businessman, franchisorNationality:American

Did Ray Kroc have children?

Marilyn Kroc BargRay Kroc/Children

How much did Joan Kroc give to NPR?

National Public Radio announces Thursday the largest gift in the company's history. The estate of Joan Kroc, widow of the founder of the McDonald's fast food chain, has given more than $200 million — the largest donation ever made to an American cultural institution.

What happened to Ray Kroc money?

Ray Kroc was worth an estimated $600 million when he died back in 1984, and the fortune was passed down to his third wife. When his third wife died in 2003, she was estimated to be worth $3 billion and the money all went to charity upon her death because the Kroc family was very into helping others.

Did Ray Kroc marry Joan?

Joan Beverly Kroc (née Mansfield, previously Smith, August 27, 1928 – October 12, 2003), also known as Joni, was an American philanthropist and third wife of McDonald's CEO Ray Kroc....Joan KrocSpouse(s)Rawland F. Smith ​ ​ ( m. 1945, div. 1969)​ Ray Kroc ​ ​ ( m. 1969, died 1984)​Children1

Did Ray Kroc donate?

Kroc amassed a huge fortune as McDonald's expanded, his wife spent the two decades after his death in 1984 giving most of it to philanthropic causes. Both the book and the film provide insight into the inner, overlooked — and sometimes mocked — lives of the mega-affluent.

How much is Ray Kroc net worth?

The total system-wide sales of its restaurants were more than $8 billion in 1983, and his personal fortune amounted to some $600 million.

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