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Who does Shino marry in Boruto?

  1. Who does Shino marry in Boruto?
  2. Why does Shino wear a mask in Boruto?
  3. Is Shino married in Boruto?
  4. Why is Shino so lame in Boruto?
  5. Is Shino dead in Boruto?
  6. What rank is Shino in Boruto?
  7. Did Ino become jonin?
  8. Does Shino ever lost a fight?
  9. Can Shino beat Kiba?
  10. Who becomes jonin?
  11. Is Mitsuki still on Team 7?

Who does Shino marry in Boruto?

The Couple. ShinoHana (シノハナ ShinoHana ) is a term to refer to the romantic relationship between Shino Aburame and Hana Inuzuka.

Why does Shino wear a mask in Boruto?

In Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, its more or less his clan's trademark…to make them distinct just like other clans. Its also possible that the Abarame Clan's eyes are sensitive to sunlight. But in Boruto, Shino wears a visor because he's actually a cry baby.

Is Shino married in Boruto?

Shino is not married up to the point of Boruto. He remains rather mysterious and I'm hoping we get some answers. The reason why the Aburame wear glasses would be one of them.

Why is Shino so lame in Boruto?

Simple: towards the end of Naruto, he was kidnapped by a pod person and took Shino's place in Boruto so that he could spy on the human race. This would explain why not only his outfit looks stupid, but also why his personality is so weird, because pod people suck at imitating rational human behavior.

Is Shino dead in Boruto?

Shino then encased the entire area with his insects, forcing the students to flee. After a prolonged chase, Shikadai devised a plan to stop the rampaging sensei. While Shikadai and Boruto distracted Shino and lured him into the water, Mitsuki ensnared Shino and electrocuted him, expelling the spectre.

What rank is Shino in Boruto?

'Naruto' Profile: Shino AburameeditShino AburameClanAburame ClanRankNinja RankPart I: Genin Part II: ChūninNinja Registration012618

Did Ino become jonin?

Ino is a member of Team 10 who, unlike most side characters, got to play some role in the second half of the Naruto series. Despite all that, Ino still holds the rank of a Chunin for some reason. She may have been promoted to the rank of Jonin, however, no confirmation of that has ever ever been given to the fans.

Does Shino ever lost a fight?

Shino never lost a fight until Boruto when he was MIND CONTROLLED and therefore just using brute force. Shino's skills are considered well beyond chunin (his current rank). He is probably on the tier of elite jonin however he chose to become a teacher rather than continue being a shinobi.

Can Shino beat Kiba?

Shino will most definitely lose under these conditions as the match just becomes one sided, a barrage of wolf fang over fangs would tear through Shinos Bug like candy floss and land a fatal blow on shino. So in such scenario, Kiba wins this fight against Shino.

Who becomes jonin?

Only Neji and Shikamaru were made Jonin: Shikamaru was made Jonin, because of this extremely powerful mental abilities, and his leadership skills. He deserved it. This boy was responsible for saving the leaf from destruction, twice, in a space of 3 years.

Is Mitsuki still on Team 7?

Mitsuki (ミツキ, Mitsuki) is a synthetic human that was created as a partial clone of Orochimaru. Immigrating to Konohagakure to confirm whether or not Boruto Uzumaki was his "sun", he became a shinobi and was placed on Team Konohamaru....Naruto/Boruto Lore: Mitsuki.editMitsukiTeamTeam 7RankNinja RankGaiden: Genin

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