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Why do Scorpios suffer the most?

  1. Why do Scorpios suffer the most?
  2. What happens when you upset a Scorpio?
  3. How do Scorpios take revenge?

Why do Scorpios suffer the most?

Often Scorpios have faced trauma in their lives due to being considered abnormal, and it can impact their sense of stability in the world, which is something they very much crave. Scorpios are very loving and sweet but they can get hurt very easily. It can cause them to lash out at others or to self-sabotage.

What happens when you upset a Scorpio?

They ghost you. Scorpio men may disappear for a while. Scorpio men may cut you out of their lives. Sometimes Scorpio men may feel like they do not have an appropriate outlet for their anger, so they'll just ghost everyone from their lives, not just who or whatever made them upset.

How do Scorpios take revenge?

Revenge is a Scorpio's middle name and they choose the most painful form of vengeance imaginable. Making sure your suffering is never-ending, humiliating, traumatic, and all-around horrible, you'll be down on your knees and pleading for forgiveness by the time they're through with you.

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