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Does Superman have a high IQ?

  1. Does Superman have a high IQ?
  2. Who has a higher IQ Superman or Batman?
  3. What is the Flash's IQ?
  4. What is jokers IQ?

Does Superman have a high IQ?

Originally Answered: How smart is Superman? Superman has fluctuated in intellect over the years. But generally speaking he is at least above average in intellect. Before the Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman was well into Super-genius intellect, he built advance robots and other devices.

Who has a higher IQ Superman or Batman?

Batman has an IQ of 1045. This is actually translated to him having a 6th Level intellect. Superman has a 10th Level intellect.

What is the Flash's IQ?

It's fair to say that Barry is considerably more intelligent than median in his occupation, so I reckon his IQ to be about 160. It would be an enhanced 160 IQ, thanks to his super speed and super ability to memorize material He is at the top of his occupation but he does not have Batman's genius IQ.

What is jokers IQ?

What is the Joker's IQ? Jokers's IQ is estimated to be around 350 (which is insane even in the real world), while Batman's is around 290. Additionally, the joker has been known to trick Batman numerous times causing him to even doubt himself in some cases.

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