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Is Kaneki dead in Tokyo ghoul?

  1. Is Kaneki dead in Tokyo ghoul?
  2. Is Kaneki dead in Tokyo ghoul Season 2?
  3. Is kaneki still alive in Season 3?
  4. Does Haise become Kaneki again?

Is Kaneki dead in Tokyo ghoul?

He does not die, when he fought Arima shortly after walking with Hide in his arms, he nearly died since Arima stabbed both of his eyes, going through a part of his brain, but luckily he didn't die, instead it wiped out his memory almost completely.

Is Kaneki dead in Tokyo ghoul Season 2?

He does not. He only gets injured due to a fight with arima due to stabs in both eyes causing him to have serious brain damage and lose his memory. They then take Kaneki to CCG and rename him to Haise and make him apart of them.

Is kaneki still alive in Season 3?

Season 3 (Tokyo Ghoul:re, Season 1) The character of Haise Sasaki was introduced as a replacement for Ken Kaneki in season 3 of the anime but as it soon turned out, Haise Sasaki was actually Ken Kaneki. Namely, after his clash with Arima, he was left with serious brain damage but alive.

Does Haise become Kaneki again?

The short answer : Yes. The long answer: He regained his memories from "Ken Kaneki" inside his own head. Therefore becoming Ken Kaneki again. Yes but he now retains memory from both personality, i.e Kaneki as well as Haise.

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