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Who is Stryker's wife?

  1. Who is Stryker's wife?
  2. What is strikers real name?
  3. Does striker like Blitzo?
  4. Is Stryker alive?
  5. What is the name of strikers horse?
  6. Is striker from Helluva Boss a snake?
  7. Who killed William Stryker?

Who is Stryker's wife?

Marcy StrykerMarcy Stryker is the wife of William Stryker, and the mother of Jason Stryker.

What is strikers real name?

Kurtis StrykerKurtis Stryker is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise by Midway Games and NetherRealm Studios.

Does striker like Blitzo?

Given his friendly approach towards Blitzo, his statement that they were superior to their kind, and clear disappointment for his rejection of his offer, it can be assumed Striker genuinely saw Blitzo as a good potential partner due to his great physical prowess, showing he's willing to work as a team with people he

Is Stryker alive?

Stryker dies. Given his immobilised status, Stryker dies when the nearby dam bursts. Wolverine and Artie Maddicks were the last two people to see Stryker.

What is the name of strikers horse?

BombproofBombproof is Striker's trusty steed that made his debut alongside his owner in the "The Harvest Moon Festival".

Is striker from Helluva Boss a snake?

Striker is one of three characters in the Hazbin Hotel franchise to feature a gold tooth, a trait he shares with Angel Dust and Valentino. Striker seems to possess reptilian-like traits such as creating crocodilian/snake sounds and possesses a reptilian snout like facial features opposing to the other Imps.

Who killed William Stryker?

Stryker revealed that his plans had given him insight into the Nimrod Sentinels creation. Stryker was killed by an enraged Elixir, and later resurrected by a techno-organic virus, but recently was killed again by Archangel, during the fight with the Purifiers.

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