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DID trunks and Mai get together?

  1. DID trunks and Mai get together?
  2. DID trunks have a wife?
  3. Who is trunks going to marry?

DID trunks and Mai get together?

Their Relationship until adulthood, a few years after Future Trunks finally defeated the androids and Cell. As they continued to work together, Future Trunks and Future Mai developed romantic feelings for each other but publicly denied their relationship as being anything other than a friendship or partnership.

DID trunks have a wife?

But regardless of the timeline, canonically(to said timeline), trunks is unmarried and does not have a wife.

Who is trunks going to marry?

Well there is no perfect indication that trunks married mai after black saga but, taking a look at various indications and hints that their relationship is more than just friends like, trunks kissing mai to give her a senzu bean. Also when Goku tells trunks that both of them looks good as couple.

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prefixnumber indicatedhepta-7octa-8nona-9deca-10

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