In a new video for Architectural Digest, basketball legend Scottie Pippen opened the doors to his Chicago mansion. But the Bulls veteran and six-time NBA champion’s home is not what we expected from a baller of his caliber.

These days, Pippen mostly lives in Los Angeles but he regards his Chicago place, which he purchased in 2004, as “kind of a vacation house.” In the video (below), the retired icon shows off his living room, kitchen, and his lavish backyard, sharing personal anecdotes involving his family and time as a Bull along the way.

The interior is very dad-core, with several man-cavey details like glass sculptures of boats, frilly drapes and chandeliers, bowls of fake fruit, a life-sized imitation tiger, and a mini arcade. The residence also has quite a few impressive amenities like a personalized indoor basketball court, a hot tub, golf putting area, and a pool – complete with a very tiny waterslide.

The home looks like every suburban dad’s dream, so it’s quite underwhelming coming from the Hall of Famer. Maybe we’re too used to celebs flexing their completely out-of-touch elaborate homes, or maybe the NBA should have paid Pippen what he’s worth so he can afford a decent water slide. Either way, you can check out his Chicago mansion below.

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