Opulence is a state of mind, and Giuseppe Zanotti is here to help you look the way you feel. The iconic footwear designer—whose frequent celebrity collaborations include Beyonce, Kanye West, and Zayn Malik—has always been inspired by traditional Italian decadence, from disco to hip hop to rave. His maximalist style and gilt imagination produces luxury footwear designed to elevate your fit to any occasion you might find yourself in this season.

We’ve dived into the current Zanotti offering to pick out our six favorite kicks for the holidays, each available now. There’s just about one shoe for every personality or persuasion, perfectly tailored for a special someone, or a treat for yourself after a hard year. At the core of these designs is a spirit of fun and frivolity. So let them be frivolous, snazzy, sharp, jacking, or classy, whatever fits your mood.


Italian decadence meets streetwear in Zanotti’s Talon sneaker. It was originally inspired by the swift and majestic strength of an eagle, with its talon making its celebrity appearance on the outer sole. The kicks come in a variety of colorways, but we chose this one, with a red bandana print, to give an extra pop of color to your fit. Pair with a matching bandana in your back pocket or around your neck? Why not?


The Blabber is your patent leather low-rise sneaker with a bold gradient, here in two colorways. It’s a lot of style, especially the 3-D effect “blabber” sole. At the same time, it’s an everyday shoe that’s smart and casual, matches with a lot of outfits, and guaranteed to win you compliments.

Sheldon Buckle

Suede is for a certain kind of personality who’s going to a certain kind of place, i.e. fancy. For a more elevated look, try the Sheldon Buckle boot, with a sharp buckle detailing on an otherwise classic silhouette that instantly dresses up any look. Even if you’re locked down playing chess, dress that look up aka Benny Watts in the Queens Gambit.

Rudolph Chain

Honestly, who doesn’t love loafers? Here’s a classic go-to, with just the right amount of glitz, in the gold chain detail, but still understated. Nothing says quality quite like velvet does. The leather stripe on the heel adds a strike of contrast without drawing attention to itself. It represents some of the best of Zanotti’s hallmarks—sleek silhouettes with a touch of decadence.

Rudolph Pearl

Like the Rudolph Chain, these loafers come with a single pearl detail on the upper, whose smoothness contrasts with the subtle texture of the shoe. This is one gorgeously designed shoe: elegant, understated, surprising. It’ll be “that one shoe” in your closet that you’ll reach for whenever you’re on your way to a party or dinner, over zoom or IRL.


The very name of the boots—Apocalypse—nods to the dystopian, industrial look of all-night techno parties. Its chunky rubber sole is built for raving, yet its classic upper resembles a Chelsea boot: urbane and cosmopolitan. Its all-black because it’s no-nonsense. So turn down the lights, turn up the bass and flex these around the living room with your designated social bubble.

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