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Without a real summer to speak of, fall has taken on a whole new importance in terms of showing up and showing off style-wise. We’re viewing it as the playoffs of fashion because everyone should up the dressing-well ante with more layers, accessories, now that there are more interesting pieces at our disposal to play with.

It’s taken some time to get back into the swing of dressing to impress, having worn track pants and Crocs for most of 2020 so far.

That’s why we’ve assembled five Highsnobiety editors to walk us through their first fall fashion picks, and this time we’re talking what’s best when it comes to fall footwear. There’s a strong focus on hiking styles and more formal silhouettes, lending ever more strength to the theory that sneakers are on their way out.

I think ROA has come up with the perfect Fall/Winter shoe. It is a true hybrid. They’re not bulky, they can hold you down in real terrain and come in low tops… Very important.

I’ve stanned these before as my go-to summer shoe, but the reality is that Fisherman Sandals are probably the closest thing we’re going to get to COVID-era office formalwear. And these ones from Church’s really put the “shred” in “last shred of dignity.”

Shoes are slowly turning more sculptural and it’s something I expect to see more of this Fall. Feng Chen Wang’s overlapping elements bring more texture to an everyday look. Wang serves up construction while still staying functional.

I strongly believe the hiking boot will keep its foot on every other shoe’s neck. Shout out to HOKA for the pivot to fashion’s it-girl.

It’s not a Prada dress shoe, but it’s not not a Prada dress shoe. Confuse the naysayers with a hybrid of formality, sporty, and minimalist footwear that tells the world “I’m different, just like my friends.”

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