In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, and Dunks are in-studio.

Adidas is looking to unload Reebok. We wonder if the brand has any life left, and if so, who should step in to save it.

Despite Beyonce’s ability to look in any outfit, the upcoming Ivy Park X Adidas collection doesn’t seem like it has the buzz around it that it should. Is their collaboration living up to expectations?

Caesar breaks down the difference in internal attitude between Nike and Adidas, which leads each brand to move in the ways that they do.

Warren Lotas really posted a picture of himself gloating that he’d beat his case with Nike. Word to the wise, if you’re going to dig a ditch for yourself, don’t record it.

We finally find out the true source to Guru’s sneaker knowledge.

Apparently, there’s a growing contingent of listeners who REALLY hate Dunks. Stay tuned to our newest segment, “Hate Mail”.

Did Nike waste a great opportunity to release the “Banned” Airships on October 18th?

Did Nike do their Adapt BB line any favors with the marketing? Geeno and Caesar debate.

Shout out to Mike Rich.

Teenagers aren’t spending as much money on footwear as they used to. Shoe spending has reached a 20 year low amongst teens. However, Nike remains the number one preferred brand, right ahead of VANS…… by 32%.

NO ONE eats rice pudding. Except for Dunks.

And finally, in our “This Has Nothing To Do With Sneakers” segment, we go through the list of the top 20 burger chains in the U.S.

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