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Who: Tyler, the Creator and Bella Hadid (second pic)

What They’re Wearing: Pants cropped above the ankle, white socks, and black leather loafers.

Why It Works: Trust Tyler, the Creator and Bella Hadid to come through with a reminder that sometimes all it takes to take your look to another level is a pair of white socks. Tyler did it last week, too, when he completed grocery store style — covered here — just we were too busy shoegazing at his bright yellow penny loafers at the time to pay enough attention to what else was on his feet.

To be fair, anyone that follows Tyler’s style trajectory will know that he’s always been a white sock guy — wearing the sports variety in his early skater-punk Odd Future days right through to IGOR, where he would rock them with Suicokes and TEVA. Now, he’s nailing that alt prep vibe with a cropped pleated pant, dressing like the septuagenarian we all hope to be (as he told Fantastic Man in 2018, “I like dressing like an old man.”)

Obviously, Tyler and Bella aren’t the first people to endorse the power of a white sock, nor was your grandad (or Michael Jackson, so you don’t have to fret about those comparisons). White socks have long been a somewhat underappreciate style symbol, often one synonymous with counter culture — worn by ’60s Mods who’d pair them with a sharp tie, skinny fit tailored suit, and a pair of well-shined shoes, and by skaters but swap the suits for denim and glossy slip-ons for Vans and Chucks. They were also embraced by the Americana counterpart to the British Mods, best styled by collegiate style icons like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis.

White socks are a staple in most rotations, but rarely in the limelight, especially in winter. So we always appreciate a solid reminder of the potential something so simple can wield in regards to transforming an entire fit. And, better still, they’re always within budget. Find some of our favorites below.

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