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As your closet’s most useful accessory during fall and winter, the umbrella is shamefully overlooked. Even brands themselves tend to steer clear of the umbrella while happily plastering a text logo across almost every other possible accessory imaginable.

A well-made umbrella with an effective mechanism is a beautiful object — a simple and satisfyingly efficient piece of equipment that gets the job done. When you manage to find an umbrella that looks good, too, you should hold on tight to it.

Whether you’re looking for something understated or another name to add to your wardrobe, the umbrella is an underrated way to rejig your seasonal looks. From Paul Smith‘s London sophistication to Supreme and KAWS, this selection runs the gamut of handheld rain protection in style.

Snow Peak’s outdoor expertise is to be trusted day in day out. This simple umbrella boasts a highly minimal handle and a single Snow Peak logo to the canopy as detailing.

London Undercover’s Whangee-Handle Umbrella is perfect for bringing a splash of color to a gloomy day. This telescopic umbrella is made from recycled materials and packs away super small but features a classic whangee-bamboo handle for a flash of luxury.

Passotti’s Otto Umbrella is so named because of its 8-ball handle decoration. Combine the unorthodox style of the handle with an artisanal double-cloth canopy and you’ve got a winner.

Burberry’s iconic Nova Check has become a universal signal of luxury and this folding umbrella is decked in the stuff.

It turns out that Paul Smith’s eye for precision extends to the realms of weather protection, too. This immaculate, understated umbrella is a certified classic from London’s favorite tailor.

Mackintosh is famed for its rainwear, so where better to procure an umbrella? This camouflaged number is perfect for those days you want to remain undercover in every sense of the word.

If you’ve never used a transparent umbrella then prepare to be blown away. The ability to see through your cover is not revolutionary but it does make your day brighter and easier. This piece features a simple Off-White™ logo print to the dark-tinted transparent canopy.

Supreme hasn’t ever really done things conventionally, so an umbrella collaboration for Spring/Summer 2020 almost made sense. Either way, it’s fall and winter now, so this checkerboard umbrella comes into its own for the first time.

KAWS released this Holiday Companion Umbrella at the time of his exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. While a 28-meter-long KAWS Companion floated in Seokchon Lake, attendees could bag this limited-addition transparent umbrella.

From Porsches to ancient statues and even umbrellas, there is seemingly less and less that Daniel Arsham is willing to impart with his golden touch. This umbrella features a clean gray gradient pattern to the canopy.

Part of Mr. Porter’s Kingsman line, designed for the Kingsman films, this umbrella cuts a traditional shape on a grey day. A tartan canopy tops a beautifully crafted chestnut wood handle in Mr. Porter’s signature sartorial style.

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