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Sunglasses come in such a wide range of shapes and sizes that it can be hard to know where to begin. Despite the array on offer, most usually end up opting for a safe classic. There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black wayfarers. That’s not what this roundup is about, though. This selection is for the wild ones, the dreamers who dare, and those for which blending into a crowd is the stuff of nightmares.

With the right pair of loud sunglasses, you can command attention from the moment you’re seen. To help you do just that, we’ve journeyed to the edges of sunglasses design, leaving no stone unturned, and investigating each and every dark, forgotten corner to bring you the wildest pairs the world has to offer. From Gucci’s retro flair to futuristic visors by Loewe, none of these designs are for the faint-hearted, but they’re sure to spark a conversation.

While one side of this conceptual pair of shades is in working order, the other features a stylistically cracked frame and smashed lens for dramatic effect.

The aptly named Masque sunglasses by Loewe may cover half of your face with their oversized attitude, but the transparent lenses ensure that they retain a sense of lightweight vintage elegance.

Le Specs join forces with Adam Selman to bring this futuristic pair of shades that feature a one-piece mirrored lens and claw-like metal arms.

What can we say about this pair? Komono not only thinks outside the box but leaves the box in the now-invisible distance. This is the definition of loud sunglasses.

In true Covid-19 style, this pair of sunglasses is characterized by a lightly shaded visor lens and bulky frame.

Maison Margiela enlists the skills of Mykita for this pair of bold sunglasses. Icey blue lenses work in tandem with a single wraparound frame to striking effect.

Bottega Veneta updates a classic cat-eye style with a bold, geometric silver-tone and transparent frame.

Following Bottega Veneta’s version, Gucci chimes in on the cat-eye front with a characteristically retro style. Sepia lenses cast the world in a sun-soaked light for the rest of the summer.

Carrera’s sport-inspired glasses feature a striking wraparound design that’s compounded by a detachable neckband with a bold red stripe design.

While many of the pairs in this roundup speculate on future styles, Jacques Marie Mage’s Wyatt Hexagonal Titanium Glasses look to the past for inspiration.

Loewe proves that it’s the label that can do it all when it comes to sunglasses design with this space-age pair. A subtle tint to the lenses keeps this pair from dominating your face.

Your dad probably owned a pair like this in the early ’00s, right? Well, Balenciaga brings this athletic style back up to date with a sleek one-bar frame.

Alessandro Michele offers yet another look into his polished, retro-fuelled world with this pair of D-frame sunglasses with a confident yellow tint to the lenses.

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